About Us

CSD has developed a software suite to deliver fast and efficient order processing, purchasing, warehouse management, inventory management and customer relationship management software solutions. With over 25 years’ experience, CSD has a proven track record in  food and pharmaceutical wholesale, third party logistics, utilities and government market sectors. Our customised software aims to make the user’s work convenient and hassle free so that you can carry out your distribution and logistics business in the most efficient and effective way.


Service is always personal. We're big enough to service large customers but small enough for the personal touch.

Contact is with named operational staff who you get to meet and who get to know you and your business. Not only do you get swift resolutions to your queries but you are able to talk to us about your business challenges and get informed advice from experts.

Our staff are frequently praised for their professionalism and for going that ‘extra mile’. We have an open and honest approach with our customers so that we can deliver on our promises.

“I believe that the service provided by CSD is top notch, not wanting to stand in the way of continual improvement, I don’t believe that CSD could offer a better service.”



With over 25 years’ experience of developing and installing management software, you can trust the experts at CSD to deliver a perfect product for your needs.

Our passionate team spans seasoned developers to the brightest graduates, ensuring the best combination of experience and innovation. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver systems that help our customers to grow and constantly develop our software management products to do this. From VAT increases to large scale product recalls, there’s not much we haven’t helped our customers through.

“We have used CSD business solutions for many years and during this time they have demonstrated expertise and in-depth understanding of foodservice business processes. They have a unique offering which has facilitated the delivery of operational efficiency and enabled business growth.”

Abigail Brierley, Group IT Director of Bidvest Foodservice


Our approach to innovation is creative but structured.

We closely watch the way technology generally is developing and extract the best of those innovations to enhance and develop our own product. The technology is there to improve the experience of the customer and to add value.

We work in a niche, because that is what we are good at. We understand the business processes and markets that our customers work in. This enables us to design efficient and effective systems because we understand what system features and functionality are important to our customers.

“As our company expands, we decided to make the investment with CSD to bring ourselves into the contemporary world of software”

Booths Supermarkets

Mission Statement

To provide exceptional levels of customer service to the supply chain industry, underpinned by advanced, high quality systems developed by proactive, dedicated, innovative and approachable people.

Core Values:
To be honest, to inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviour to our words and taking full responsibility for our actions.

Long-term relationships (Longevity)
To cultivate and invest in long-term relationships with our customers, staff and suppliers that will result in an unwavering working environment.

To fulfil our obligation of building a better, stronger and more durable company, protecting the CSD brand, meeting our commitments to stakeholders, acting with an owner mentality and developing our people.

To respect our staff by valuing their diversity and unique contributions and to treat our customers and suppliers in such a way that all parties benefit from the relationship.

To cultivate an environment where staff are encouraged to make a difference, are self-motivated and continually contribute to the success of CSD and its customers.

To base the growth of CSD on customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction and to generate an internal culture based on open communication and teamwork.

To stimulate innovation by encouraging staff at all levels to behave as entrepreneurs.