Our Team

Peter van der Merwe Chief Executive Officer

Peter is ultimately responsible for the organisation’s overall success, but likes to share this accolade with the rest of the management team. He retains responsibility for business development activities.

Helen Henshaw Chief Administrative Officer

Helen’s role is to provide internal and external coordination, management and oversight of all administrative activities, in particular HR, quality management systems, finance and infrastructure processes. She assists with strategic management, business planning and commercial activities.

Ian Hampson Chief Technical Officer

Ian provides the technical direction for the company, ensuring the organisation stays abreast of technological developments and circumstances governed by the marketplace. Ian also takes overall responsibility for the systems analysis, design process and product development.

Paul Henshaw Development Co-ordinator/Support Co-ordinator

Paul manages the on-going development activities for our existing customer base. Paul also has overall responsibility for customer support.

Jon Sessions Development Co-ordinator

Jon manages the development of new systems.

Stephen Toms Chief Systems Architect

Stephen leads our technical team, providing consultation to customers and managing installations.