With over 25 years’ experience, CSD is a market leader in management software.

Our products offer a range of IT solutions to support businesses of all sizes with logistics and distribution requirements.


Our supply chain management software is used throughout the food service and pharmaceuticals industries

As experts in our field, our computer systems also support the armed forces and military, enabling them to operate out in the field without an IT infrastructure.

Designed and developed by industry experts, our software solutions are innovative, functionally rich, and highly scalable.


More than just a computer system.

Our Qnetex Product Suite delivers fast and efficient software solutions across the most commonly used distribution functions including purchase order process, inventory management and customer relationship management.

Driven by CSD’s vision of the future, each product is built on quality and innovation enabling logistics and distribution to operate in the most efficient way.

Use the links below to discover more about our supply chain, financial, data integration and ‘in the field’ software solutions.


Customer relations is at the heart of what we do. Providing your customers with the service and quality they expect is essential.

We know that inventory management and cost control is crucial and that extracting the right information at the right time is imperative.

By understanding the needs of your business we are able to focus on the issues which matter to you and help you improve efficiency.