Qnetex Data Integrator

Data Integrator Software

Benefits of Qnetex Data Integrator Software

Qnetex Data Integrator is a management software product which supports online sales order processing and online stock level enquiries. It enables the seamless integration and data transfer between third-party systems via the use of web services.

Suited to customers in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare and foodservice, Qnetex Data Integrator software allows you to communicate with your trading partners by accepting data in the format in which they wish to send it, and transmitting information in the format in which they wish to receive it.

It is possible to run multiple instances of Qnetex Data Integrator simultaneously, enabling the software to cope with high volumes of concurrent users. In theory there is no limit to the volume of data that the software can handle.

Qnetex Data Integrator software provides services accessible over the internet or a network. It intelligently connects with data providers no matter what protocols the provider uses. E.g. clients may use JSON, WCF or simple REST based services, while providers may choose SQL or Oracle databases or another business application.

Qnetex Data Integrator requires a host process in which to run. Microsoft’s ISS web server is the most suitable.

Qnetex Data Integrator Software key features:

  • Smart system – several instances of the software can run simultaneously to enable load balancing and high availability.
  • Flexible – allows users to save requests for later processing when data-providers are non-operational. The Data Integrator has the capacity to return a suitable message to clients, giving them the means to check progress at a later time.
  • Monitoring and management – enables users to monitor performance and manage processing of requests via the Data Integrator Administration Console.

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