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CSD quality

“At CSD, quality is at the heart of everything we do.”

  • Quality – CSD is committed to achieving excellence across its processes, procedures and policies, and improving the skills and effectiveness of its workforce. CSD’s bespoke Quality Management System has been awarded the highest independently audited quality management score, ISO9001:2015 certification and it was recently granted Investors in People status for the tenth year running. We also use this Quality Management System to help our customers to formalise the quality of their own processes, working alongside them to improve business processes and provide advice on a range of issues. In turn, the software that CSD creates and delivers – from inventory management to customer relationship management software – is second to none. Additionally, you can be confident that CSD provides the best support and aftercare to all its customers.
  • Integrity – Ethical conduct is recognised, valued and exemplified by all CSD employees, and customer confidentiality is paramount. CSD recognises that its employees may be privileged to know information and data about its customers’ businesses that could be considered sensitive in nature. CSD takes all fair and reasonable steps to ensure that such information is safeguarded from inappropriate or unauthorised use and not disclosed to a third party – either intentionally or unintentionally.

Consultancy Services

  • Industry knowledge. Our extensive industry knowledge is based on over 25 years’ experience servicing the wholesale, distribution and logistics markets. Having worked with organisations in the foodservice, pharmaceutical and defense sectors, we have the professional expertise our customers expect from their solutions provider.
  • Business-focused. We begin by focusing on your business, not our management software. We won’t just try to sell you what we have; we will work with you to identify your wholesale, distribution or logistics business needs and your individual requirements.
  • Imaginative solutions Our team is highly experienced in refining business processes and we will use this knowledge to streamline your business practices.  We will monitor current effectiveness and work with you to develop ways to overcome your biggest obstacles and increase your productivity.
  • Return on investment (ROI) We will look hard at your expected ROI and then help you to realise this by keeping requirements tight and the project highly focused. Because we develop our own management software we fully understand what we are selling, enabling us to implement your project quickly and cost effectively.

Straightforward, practical advice


IT Infrastructure Service


A robust and agile IT infrastructure which supports the flow and processing of information is the foundation of a successful management software system.

As part of CSD’s comprehensive service, our technical experts will evaluate your current IT infrastructure to assess whether it is reliable, scalable, manageable and secure.

  • Current environment Where appropriate, CSD can review your existing IT infrastructure to determine whether it supports installation and delivery of our management software.
  • Proposed environment CSD will propose recommendations for your IT infrastructure and outline if upgrades are required to maximise performance.
  • IT staff and organisation CSD will analyse your current IT organisation and resources and create an action plan to boost your effectiveness.

Building strong foundations and delivering a complete package


Project Management Software

At CSD, project management is more than a project plan. Our service focuses on identifying all aspects of a management software project and bringing it together using our professional expertise and communication skills.

Key Features:

  • Partnership CSD project management works in partnership with software production to effectively plan, manage and monitor all aspects of your management software project.
  • Best practice Through the use of effective project management processes and techniques, our project managers are highly experienced and trained to work with you to achieve your objectives.
  • Control Our experience has taught us the importance of keeping tight control on the smaller details of the management software project, while still offering the flexibility to achieve your business priorities.
  • Communication Communication is central to our approach and our project managers will consult, inform and advise you every step of the way.
  • Ongoing Our relationship doesn’t end once we’ve delivered your project. We’ll continue to work with you to move your business forward and drive outstanding results.

On target, on time and on budget.

CSD Training System

What makes CSD training system the best?

We view training as the key to getting the best out of your system. At CSD, we believe you should be educated on application use rather than just trained.

CSD training system key features:

  • Comprehensive training programmes – CSD has developed a professional, comprehensive training programme for each of its application modules. It isn’t a case of one training session fits all; a customised training programme will be formulated to meet the precise needs of different job roles within your organisation. Further training can be arranged at any time, for example to train new staff or as a refresher.
  • Practical exercises – your training modules will be backed up by a series of exercises designed to equip you with full practical experience of each of the modules. Our aim is to build and measure competence as part of our training.
  • Purpose built training facility – CSD has invested in a purpose built training facility so that your employees can receive training in an appropriate environment, free from interruptions. Courses can be tailored to deliver on site training if required.
  • Trained and experienced trainers – CSD tutors are full time employees who combine their own wealth of experience and knowledge with professional training qualifications. By using people from within the industry, we can draw on real-life experiences to help bring relevance to the session.
  • Documentation services – to ensure that information is at hand when you need it, we provide you with a complete set of standard online user reference manuals. The standard reference manuals can be customised to reflect your particular business processes, where appropriate. Following implementation, responsibility for updating the documentation to reflect changing business processes can be done by us or you, as you prefer.

“Knowledge is power”

– Working from an informed perspective


System Implementation services

Benefits of System Implementation services

Early in 2013, CSD implemented a new system for a major 3PL within six weeks from project inception. This was achieved as a result of our experience of implementing systems for 25 years in both the UK and abroad.

With many years of system implementation experience of both large and small systems in the UK and abroad, CSD is well equipped to provide you with a smooth transition process.

CSD System Implementation services key features:

  • Educating – we will ensure that your users are familiar with the system and enable ownership to move from the project team to your organisation.
  • Confirming – we will ensure that all your required data is available and accurate to make the transition as seamless as possible.
  • Validating – we will ensure that your business functions interact with the system as intended and are functioning correctly.
  • Supporting – we will support you through the change from development mode to the system support and maintenance mode of operation.
  • Security – CSD recognises that it can be daunting to move from the point prior to implementation, where issues arising have little or no impact on your day to day business operations, to the post implementation phase, where each and every issue could impact on your customers and bottom line. Through careful planning, execution and management of the system implementation activities, our team will be with you every step of the way to minimise any upheaval. The architecture of the system lends itself to a modular system implementation, which significantly reduces the risks normally associated with a ‘big bang’ implementation.
  • Contingency – we will determine appropriate contingency plans for you as an extra safeguard. We will treat your business with the same care as you do.
  • Speed – we pride ourselves on the speed with which we can implement your system. For some customers this has been weeks as opposed to months (depending on system requirements). This can provide you with great business agility, particularly when responding to new contract needs.

“Smooth, secure deployment.”

– Fast and efficient

CSD Professional Customer Support

CSD believes that customer care is the responsibility of each and every one of our staff members and we pride ourselves on offering a professional and effective service.

We set ourselves apart by offering a highly personal service; every customer is appointed a systems primary consultant (SPC), a technical systems expert who is dedicated to managing your support and development requirements on an on-going basis. By doing this we establish strong working partnerships, understanding both your requirements and how your organisation likes to work. It also means that our customers don’t always have to go through a formal service desk, they are able to speak directly to someone who has intimate knowledge of their system.

Standard support – our standard package will provide you with a support desk between the hours of 9.00 am – 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. 24/7 telephone support is also available

Tailored support – the majority of our customers run mission critical systems 24/7 365 days of the year. We can arrange a specifically tailored support package for you that provides telephone support outside of our standard support hours, to suit your needs. This can be either on a permanent basis or just during critical periods of operation. In addition to telephone support, both our standard and tailored support options offer the ability for us to dial directly into your systems (providing access is granted).

Third parties – we can communicate with third party software providers on your behalf, where an appropriate maintenance contract is in place.

Platinum customer care – this is offered to you if you meet pre-defined criteria and is intended to offer an enhanced level of customer care to those customers where the volume and frequency of business between our two companies warrants a more structured approach to service levels.

“Rely on us”

– Going the extra mile


System Analysis and Development

How CSD System Analysis and Development works?

CSD’s applications are functionally rich and constantly updated to incorporate market trends and industry best practice. Configuration can be personalised to meet your exact requirements.

CSD System Analysis and Development key features:

  • Tailoring – CSD is able to offer you a functionally rich standard application but we appreciate you may have a need to react to your customer’s needs and to your own internal process developments. We can work with your internal team to implement these additional needs, without compromising the integrity of your system or potential for future system upgrades.
  • Specification – before any system development is undertaken, an experienced analyst will produce a detailed Functional Specification of Requirements (FSR). By consulting with and involving key individuals within your organisation, we are able to identify and analyse your requirements. Analysts will then compare your requirements to the services available on our standard system, extracting and documenting any discrepancies. A document will be formally presented for approval, ensuring that the right applications are considered. Bespoke development can then be undertaken to ensure the solution meets all your requirements.
  • Continuous development – in addition to offering bespoke system development, we continuously develop applications, both from a technological and functional point of view. Such developments will be made available to you to ensure that you keep abreast of industry or technical developments in the market.

– Meeting your requirements

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