Qnetex Mobile

Developed in conjunction with our partners in the distribution industry, Qnetex mobile apps focus on business needs to drive operational efficiencies throughout your supply network. Our solution is designed to be compatible with existing business practices to empower our customers to implement a paperless working environment, boost warehouse efficiency and deliver improved management information.

All our mobile apps employ integrated barcode scanning to capture product information and provide immediate on-line access to operational and management information via the Qdash on-line console.

Qdrop is our vehicle checking and POD app to manage all aspects of driver activity.

  • Pre-departure, mid-run and  end of journey vehicle checks
  • Comprehensive drop information
  • Documentation of discrepancies
  • Sign-on-glass electronic POD
  • Image capture to record evidence of damage

Qpick is our mobile picking solution.

  • Pick by department or zone
  • Optionally enter quantity picked or scan every item
  • Ability to record best-before dates and catch weights
  • Real-time cross-offs for stock shortages
  • Mandatory reason for short picks

Qcheck verifies supplier deliveries when they arrive on the dock.

  • Log time of arrival and condition of vehicle
  • Prioritized allocation of user tasks
  • Enter quantity by case, layer or pallet
  • Ability to record best-before dates and catch weights
  • Purchase order reconciliation and receipt of goods

Qmove controls the movement of goods in the warehouse.

  • Automated putaway of goods based on pallet configuration
  • Pick face replenishment
  • Interleaving of tasks
  • Barcoded verification of warehouse fixtures
  • Real-time stock update

Qcount manages both perpetual and periodic stock counts .

  • Count by product type, group or department
  • Facility for multiple recounts
  • Stock reconciliation and update
  • Discrepancy reporting


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