Qnetex Supply Chain

Our Qnetex Supply Chain management software is designed for the wholesale, distribution and logistics markets.

Ideal for industries such as foodservice, our computer systems integrate all elements of the supply chain from procurement of goods to deliveries to the customer.

Drawing on over 25 years’ experience of providing software solutions for the distribution industry, Qnetex Supply Chain has been developed to provide a platform that enhances the efficiency of your business, improves your levels of customer relations and keeps a tight rein on inventory costs.

Driven by our vision for the future, Qnetex Supply Chain management software is built on quality and innovation to deliver a leading-edge software solution which will enrich the user’s experience and provide the tools to optimise their performance.

Qnetex Supply Chain encompasses a comprehensive range of modules and mobile apps which can be configured to suit your requirements.


  • Sales order processing software – has been designed to rapidly capture high volume orders accurately and efficiently. It provides your telesales operators with all the information they need to process customers’ orders in the most effective manner and quickly satisfy any queries your customers may have
  • Purchase order processing software – provides you with the ability to replenish stock in a timely and effective manner. The system can be tailored to suit your needs and improve service levels to customers
  • Inventory management software – supports effective stock management and reporting on a real-time basis
  • Warehouse management software – optimises the storage and rotation of stock through sophisticated putaway and pick replenishment algorithms. Sales orders are released for assembly to your operational environment using a variety of stock allocation methods. Goods can be picked by individual order or by product to maximise efficiency in the warehouse
  • Customer relationship management software – provides you with the facilities and information that you need to manage all of your customer relationships to the best effect and provide the exceptional levels of service that they will expect

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