Customer Relationship Management Software

Qnetex Supply Chain

Qnetex customer relationship management software provides you with the facilities and information that you need to manage all of your customer relationships to the best effect and provide the exceptional levels of service that they will expect.

Our customer relationship management software helps businesses to create standardised and clearly defined processes, proactively manage relationships and store information in a centralised location and format which makes searching and interpreting data much easier and quicker.

Using the high performing Qnetex software not only maximises efficiencies, saving your company time and money, but improves your reputation with current and prospective customers as a result of the improved service standards.

Importantly, our software also integrates with new business and promotional activities which allows you to manage your sales force more effectively and monitor the success of your marketing campaigns.


  • Stock returns– manages requests from customers to return unwanted or faulty goods, authorisation of the request, collection of the goods and receipt in the warehouse to ensure that you have control over each stage of the process
  • Sales force management– tracks and records each stage in the process of adopting prospective customers, from initial contact to final approval
  • Query management– records and monitors queries placed by customers so that employees have instant access to the latest information regarding the issue and its resolution
  • Workflow– complex business processes can be modelled to comprise of a series of discrete activity tasks which govern the progression of the process from its inception to its conclusion. This provides you with the ability to track and measure marketing campaigns, manage contacts, schedule appointments with customers and so on.

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