Inventory Management Software

Qnetex Supply Chain

Qnetex inventory management software supports effective stock management and reporting on a real-time basis.

The successful management of a business’ inventory and the ebb and flow of items in an inventory is unpredictable and subject to fluctuations and changes in demand. At the same time, businesses need to maintain a stock level that allows them to fulfil orders while reducing the amount of capital or products sat stationery in stores.

Qnetex inventory management software supports your business by helping you monitor the volume of stock in your inventory and prevent over or under stocking. It can also be used to track the location of items and follow order statuses on deliveries.

Date sensitive items are controlled and rotated by tracking expiry dates and batch traceability is fully supported to guarantee that your customers have confidence in the service that you provide.

The inter-branch transfer module enables stock to be transferred between warehouses for stock replenishment or just-in-time ordering purposes.


  • Goods receipt– verifies the receipt against the selected purchase order and ensures that all relevant information relating to the goods has been recorded
  • Batch control and traceability– stock of dated items is managed and distributed by expiry date resulting in full batch traceability features in the event of product recall
  • Weighted products– captures the actual weight of goods received for products which are sold by weight in order to guarantee the correct price is paid
  • Sub-inventory– identifies goods within the sub-inventories of picking, bulk and quarantine to provide an accurate breakdown of stock within the warehouse
  • Stock checking– incorporates both perpetual inventory and full stock count capabilities, enabling you to closely monitor sensitive and high value items
  • Inter-branch transfers– our inventory management software enables visibility of stock throughout the business to take advantage of the benefits of central stock holding
  • Supplier returns– manages the process of returning sub-standard or unwanted items
  • Reporting– incorporates a full suite of stock reports to ensure well informed decisions regarding stock replenishment and procurement

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