Purchase Order Processing Software

QNETEX Supply Chain

Qnetex purchase order processing software provides you with the ability to replenish stock in a timely and effective manner. The system can be tailored to suit your needs and improve service levels to customers.

Managing all aspects of your supplier and customer relationships while maintaining control over ordering and payment is a vital part of the success of your business. Utilising purchase order processing software that allows you to handle your orders quickly, while facilitating correct and efficient payment, ensures that you will develop rewarding relationships with everyone involved in your supply chain.

Our Qnetex purchase order processing software enables you to manage stock levels effectively and easily send, receive, store, retrieve and share vital documents throughout the purchase order process.


  • Recommended ordering– allows suggested orders to be generated, based on sales history or forecasts, which can be reviewed and amended prior to order creation
  • Direct orders– controls and monitors deliveries which are made directly from the supplier to the customer
  • Booking in– arranges deliveries from suppliers to provide a daily schedule of expected receipts
  • Invoice reconciliation– automatically matches the supplier’s invoice with the delivery note to verify that the correct goods have been invoiced at the right price
  • Order history– maintains a full history of previous orders and deliveries

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