Sales Order Processing Software

Qnetex Supply Chain

Qnetex sales order processing software has been designed to rapidly capture high volume orders accurately and efficiently. It provides your telesales operators with all the information that they need to process customers’ orders in the most effective manner and quickly satisfy any queries your customers may have.

Using high performing sales order processing software is key to achieving an efficient and successful sales operation while fulfilling the requirements of each of your customers.

With the Qnetex sales order processing software, your operators can easily access a customer’s order history, make a call at the click of a button and have complete visibility of your customers’ account details. A full web ordering system is also available within the Qnetex suite of programmes.


  • Call scheduling– operators can easily access and monitor their daily customer calls
  • Customer order history– the customer’s order can be captured quickly and efficiently by selection of the products that they order most frequently
  • Real time– provides accurate stock information which ensures that the customer’s requirements can be satisfied
  • Just in time ordering– enables goods to be transferred from another warehouse for inclusion in the customer’s delivery
  • Alternatives– reduces lost sales by enabling the operators to offer an alternative item when a product is out of stock
  • Replacements– ensures a smooth transition of stock when a product is replaced by a new variant
  • Related products– provides the opportunity to offer the customers additional products which complement the one which has been ordered
  • Back orders– captures orders which cannot be supplied for fulfilment when stock is available
  • Promotions– can be targeted at customers to offer discounted goods or free of charge items

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